The problem of solid black versus white areas; a series of descending rectangles were laid out with 1 1/2” masking tape with 1 1/2” gaps between. The whole area was then worked over with hand-made charcoal maintaining an upper-right-to-lower-left stroke. This meant that there were some ‘gaps left on the masking tape where colour showed through. Concentrated on getting a good edge at tape-paper boundaries. Blacker/more carbon on masking tape. The drawing was lightly fixed. The masking tape rectangles were then removed. In the process the paper top surface began to rip. With the tape rectangles off the drawing was heavily fixed. The fixative started to run. This was enhanced with further spraying of fixative. Later, further charcoal was added to horizontal bands, and water with a little Paynes Grey watercolour was used rather than fixative. With the paper still wet a block of charcoal was rubbed over the surface. This lifted the top surface on wet runs and caused further rips. With the paper fully dry, the edge masking tape was removed and the drawing pressed and fixed to a heavy sheet of paper below. Rucked up rips were unrucked and stuck down.