Kevin Tole


Pricing - A Guideline


  • All the works shown here are available for sale unless they are specifically marked as SOLD.
  • For works marked POA, viewers are asked to contact the artist via the Enquire button next to the work in question and completing the short request form rthere. The POA designation may be for any number of reasons.
  • All works are sold 'as marked' - that is they may be framed, mounted and wrapped or simply ready for mounting. The price marked on here does not include a gallery fee (in most cases this is not applicable) or Postage and Packing. Postage and packing prices need to be agreed with the artist and added to the marked price.
  • The artist does undertake some commission work and has other work in the series which may be viewed by contacting the artist by email under the Contact tab on the left hand side.