Kevin Tole

Portfolio: Miscellaneous

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Big Crane

Hangs free on battens
Sold as seen.

Oil stick, Charcoal, emulsion on paper
180cm x 150cm


Finnieston Crane

A4 + A4. Black and white Conteh, Quink ink and iron oxide. Done in situ and just drying. For me - it kind of captures Finnieston crane in Glasgow. Only a sketch book work - maybe go into a bigger drawing laters!!!

Charcoal on Paper

Bay and Mine

Acrylic and watercolour with pastel and charcoal on prepared paper; Framed

Mixed Media on paper
30cm x 41cm


Cornish Landscape


Mixed Media on paper
40cm x 30cm

£225.00 Framed

Porthmeor Winter

Float mounted in large glass fronted box, black frame dimensions 71cm x 99cm

Mixed Media on paper
56cm x 84cm

£350.00 Framed

Don Reitz Ate My Throwing Stick - Reef

Oil and PVA on Board
12" x 12.5"


Land and Sea and Sky

A3 wrapped and mounted

Acrylic on paper



Acrylic ink and gouache on paper
21cm x 21cm