Kevin Tole

Portfolio: Miscellaneous

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Big Crane

Hangs free on battens
Sold as seen.

Oil stick, Charcoal, emulsion on paper
180cm x 150cm


Finnieston Crane

A4 + A4. Black and white Conteh, Quink ink and iron oxide. Done in situ and just drying. For me - it kind of captures Finnieston crane in Glasgow. Only a sketch book work - maybe go into a bigger drawing laters!!!

Charcoal on Paper

Bay and Mine

Acrylic and watercolour with pastel and charcoal on prepared paper; Framed

Mixed Media on paper
30cm x 41cm


Cornish Landscape


Mixed Media on paper
40cm x 30cm

£225.00 Framed

Porthmeor Winter

Float mounted in large glass fronted box, black frame dimensions 71cm x 99cm

Mixed Media on paper
56cm x 84cm

£350.00 Framed

Red Proa

Mixed Media on paper
75cm x 46cm

£175.00 Framed

Proa II

Multi-glazed and heavily worked

Oil on canvas
20" x 30"

£350.00 Framed

Don Reitz Ate My Throwing Stick - Reef

Oil and PVA on Board
12" x 12.5"


Pemba Waiting

Off rig Mozambique experience

Oil on Board
25cm x 36cm

£175.00 Framed


Memory of Cuba

Watercolour on Paper
28cm x 21cm

£150.00 Framed

Land and Sea and Sky

A3 wrapped and mounted

Acrylic on paper


Top of the Kudrinskaya Square Building


Mixed Media on paper


Ministry off Foreign Affairs, Rear Lower half

A3 + A3

Watercolour, Charcoal and Pencil on Paper

Triumfalnya Ulitsa

Sketchbook for Truiufalnya

Charcoal and Pastel on Paper