Kevin Tole

Portfolio: Ceramic

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Figure 2

Black Stoneware

36cm x 53cm


Wallpiece 3

Black Stoneware 1200 slab built
53cm x 65cm

Wallpiece 4

multi glazed and firewd from 1200 to 650 degrees

Multi-Fired Stoneware
37cm x 42cm


Wallpiece 1

Colours are from variety of developed glazes

Stoneware 1200 slab built
45cm x 56cm



Black Multi glazed and multi fired slab built dish

8" x 8"


Black stoneware, slab-built dish form top be wall mounted

8" x 8"


Dish-form for wall mounting

8" x 8"


To be wall mounted, over and under glaze and slip decoration; multi fired

8" x 8"

Dish form

Slab Built dish for utility or wall mount

16" x 14"

Dish of Grease

sold at final show

High Fired white earthenware w underglaze crayon
16" x 12"

Dish / Ceramic Painting / Wallhanging

long since lost

Stoneware 1200 slab built

small dish

gawd knows where it went

small dish

given away to comeone

reclining nude wallpiece

long lost

Stoneware 1200 slab built
20" x 20"

Genital Teapot

Who knows where it is

Reduced Stoneware 1260
6" x 8"

Tile sets

16 individual 6" x 6" tiles - long since gone along with the moulds.

Same tile set - different lighting

Democracy in Action Tombstone

Call to arms from the 1979 election - god knows where it is

20" x 12"

So Help You God - wallpiece

Long Lost

Stoneware heavily slipped and grogged
12cm x 8cm

The Supreme Excitement of Our Time

Long Lost Tombsone

Stoneware with Underglaze transfers
20cm x 18cm

Ollywoo - 3 Dinension Tombsone

Long Lost ; 2 sections - upper section was a film screen with a blank film frame

Multifired Ceramic
20" x 18"


Two dishes - upper was swapped for an etching. Lower is long gone wherever.......

Stoneware 1200 slab built
12cm x 14cm

Glaze Tests

Glaze Tests